Frederic Janz (GER)

Frederic JanzFrederic Janz grew up at the lake of Konstanz / South Germany. He made the move to Berlin in the early 80ies at the age of 14.
Frederic founded Fonojet Audio in 2002 after he recorded the album „Nena feat. Nena“ which went Gold and Platin in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Music is his life. He records and produces Guitars, Drums, Vocals, Strings, Bass, Synths. His aim is to transport emotions. He is giving his tribute to Chris Whitley because he believes in music and its power and loves Chris Whitleys work.
Frederic will take care of all recordings and mixes where needed. He ensures that all delivered songs will, at the end, have a red line of quality and sound without loosing their specialty and distinctiveness.

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Adrian Roebisch (GER)

Adrian RöbischAdrian Roebisch (*5 November 1988 in Dresden, Germany) is a German guitarist and songwriter. At the age of six he fell for the blues and ever since traced it in all its facets. He played over 500 shows since his early teens with various bands, such as Hipoint, Big Dipper, Jellycreamclub, Bars&Strangers and his current major band Ansa.  After a three months stay in New Orleans he spent busking and attending sessions and concerts, he decided to finally let go of everything else and put the guitar in the focus of all his activities.

Adrian currently commutes between Dresden, Vienna and Berlin.

In January 2015 he developed and initiated „In The Curved Air“.

Adrian about CW:

„On my musical road I every now and then stumbled across what I would call revelations. One of the most impressive and influential revelations was getting to know Chris Whitleys music. His lyrics and voice hit me like hammer and his guitar playing spoke to me like hardly anything before: The instrument as an extension of the soul, without any academic models and limits, not even by somehow common tunings! It´s just as pure as it can possibly get.“

PERFORMING: Poison Girl // Living with the Law

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Richard Zurke (GER)

Richard ZurkeRichard Zurke is a german producer, audio engineer, songwriter and musician. With reckless abandon for music, artists and sounds he has done several creative productions in the fields of Blues, Jazz, Rock´n Roll and more. Since 2009 he works in several studios around the City of Berlin and also toured Europe with several bands as a producer and musician. (Constantly seeking for new inspiration – „In The Curved Air“ has been an amazing collaboration with every Single Artist on this wonderful record.)

Richard about „In The Curved Air“: „When I first was introduced to the idea of putting together a tribute record for Chris Whitley I could instantly see the exciting variety of approaches that this project would offer to the musicians and to me as a producer and I didn´t have to think twice to be in. My passion for instruments with character is one of the reasons why I first fell for Chris music and the longer the journey went on the more I got swept up in the total work of art.“

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