Crowdfunding / A Very Special Guitar

Chris Whitley Goodies

While we are still working to get the studio part done, we are at the same time preparing the crowd-funding campaign which will of course give you the chance to pre-order the album. We are also excited to have a few give-aways from Chris´ estate, such as original tour stickers from the „Rocket House“ Tour and the „Din of Ecstasy“ -Tour, but the biggest thing being a Duesenberg Starplayer TV that Duesenberg customized for Chris – his own instrument he left his traces on.
Though it is always a hard thing to let go of a special instrument, this is for the sake of spreading the word. The end justifies the means. And we know that the guitar will find its way to new hands that value it – her name is Ruby, btw.
There are a lot of people we wanna thank, far too many to name here, but without one person this whole thing would have stayed a pipe dream, so a very special thanks goes out to Susann Buerger!


Adrian Roebisch
-head of project-


Welcome / Of bleeding fingers and coffee

coverWelcome to our homepage! Glad you somehow heard of IN THE CURVED AIR.

Last year was quite a journey: From the blank idea of putting together a tribute record on occasion of Chris´ passing 10 years ago, to the point where we´re at: – having seven songs recorded and preparing the last five sessions.
Organising a project with more than 30 musicians from three continents is really about writing a lot of emails. One of the biggest fortunes for me was having Richard Zurke and Frederic Janz of „Fonojet Audio Berlin“ joining the project and giving it a home (a cozy audiophile one in Berlin – Kreuzberg with a toilet and a good coffee machine). This is where most of it happens, recording and mixing sessions, meetings, well, and of course the coffee drinking.
For most sessions we invited the musicians to Fonojet, but due to this crazy thing called internet it was possible to have the fantastic Australian guitarist and songwriter Jeff Lang record a song in Melbourne and send over the session to Berlin.
Our good friend and guitar virtuoso Freddy Hau made a trip to Philadelphia, USA in October to meet up with bass man Oliver Hofer and David Uosikkinen of The Hooters to do recordings at „Gadwell House Studios“.
Some grand piano recordings with pianist Christopher Luebeck could be done at „Tonscheune Oleak“ on the outskirts of Berlin.
Looking back on the past 12 months I can´t imagine having spend them in any better way.

Lots of love from the valley of the innocent,

Adrian Roebisch
-head of project-